How To Disable Flashx.Tv/pair On Kodi

Actually is most common pop url in kodi, the best way to pair flashx tv pair by using the browser through IP address and to get our favorite videos with out any interruptions in different regions. But some of the flashx pair users are not satisfying in order to pair multiple times to get their favorite videos, so most of the users wants to disable the on kodi.

So in this tutorial we gonna be mentioning some simple and easy to follow steps to disable the on your kodi software. So just be patient while disabling your account from the kodi device. So let us start the tutorial.

How To Disable Error On Kodi

Most of the users are irritating with the stream authorization error on kodi, so they want to disable this stream authorization error. So lets get start with the below simple steps.

  1. Whenever your kodi software says “Stream Authorization Required To Play This Video” you need to follow the below trick to get rid of this issue
  2. Open a browser and enter “”
  3. If you’re a new user you need to hit on “Sign Up” or “Register”
  4. After filling up all the details in the given form you need to enter all the details and then you will get “Verification Mail” so you need to click on the link to “Confirm Your Account”
  5. So hit on “Confirmation Link”
  6. If you already have an account you need to enter your “Username” and “Password” and then hit on “Enter”
  7. Now it brings you to ““”
  8. Then give a tick mark in “Verify Me” option, after getting the “Right Tick” you need to hit on “Pair Now” option
  9. After few seconds you will get a pop up “Pairing Has Been Successful”

With the above steps we can stream our favorite videos

How To Disable The Flashx.Tv/Pair Provider On Kodi

Now we are going to get the simple method to disable the Provider from our kodi device.

  • Open “Kodi Software” in your device
  • Hit on “Video Option”
  • Then click on “Settings” option
  • Hit on “Configure”
  • Now chose the “Providers” option
  • Here so many “lists of providers” would appear
  • Now you need to “Uncheck” the “ONSERIES” option
  • Finally, hit on “OK”

This is how we can disable the provider on kodi, if you follow once this method on your kodi pair with software then there will be no providers. This is the one method to get rid of flashx server issues.

What Are The Drawbacks Of The

Actually, the has many benefits, but with what reason the users wants to delete their account means, the following drawbacks will give clarity on this query.

  • Actually, every flashx user usually get limited duration to be paired with their server
  • After expiring their four hours duration they need to pair with this flashx server again by using their device IP address
  • More over the main drawback of this server is “The is unsafe to use”

So with the above mentioned drawbacks they can not be happy, so most of the flashx users wants to disable this pairing server with the kodi device. So now we are going to get the method to disable this flashx server.



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