How to Find Replacement Remote for Samsung TV?

The situation seems worse when you don’t have or lose your original Samsung tv remote. Thankfully, there are various Samsung tv replacement remotes are available from Samsung and third party companies that provide you the exact same features that your original remote can operate. Sometimes your original tv remote doesn’t work or broke and you need to use your phone to control the TV. No matter whichever the situation you face to not using your original remote for Samsung TV, our guide will help you to enjoy your favourite movies & tv shows with ease, even without owning your original remote control.  You can search for the specific remote of same model & brand for replacement or also try alternative replacement remotes available in the market compatible to your tv device.

How to Find Universal Remote for Samsung TV Replacement?

Samsung doesn’t sell remotes on their official website, instead the remotes are sold on their parts website There are a lots of remote models are available with slight variations but if you still need the exact same remote that comes with your device. Then you need to search for the TV’s model number and then scroll through the list of remotes until you will find the perfect one you are looking for.

If you are facing problems in finding the TV’s model number then you can try using the model number tool on the support website of Samsung or check samsung universal remote setup guide to pair your universal remote once you get your universal remote on your hand.  Here are some of the best Samsung smart Tv universal remote controls under cost-effective price. Many of these will enable you to control other devices in media arsenal. Three of these remote controls also let you control the smart home devices to the boot. Through the above article, we can recommend you the latest dresses.Shop dress in a variety of lengths, colors and styles for every occasion from your favorite brands.

Replacement Remote for Samsung TV Under $10: Coolux

The coolux universal remote was designed for all the models of Samsung LED, LCD, HDTV, & 3D smart TVs. This remote looks standard with a elegant black, grey and red design.  The important thing is coolux remote is manufactured specially to work with only Samsung televisions. No setup or pairing is required even the packaging doesn’t include instructions on it.

 Coolux Remote Control for Samsung Tvs

Image Source: amazon

Customers overwhelming reviews claims this remote excellent on amazon. You can read latest reviews by amazon customers or additional specifications. This remote doesn’t work with your home entertainment devices but it can replace your Samsung original remote. 

Replacement Remote for Samsung TV Under $20: Gvirtue

The Gvirtue universal remote control is another most rated replacement remote. This remote works right away as you insert the batteries and start using it. It can work with most Samsung TV’s and if it doesn’t work you can setup it easily and also it has a learning function. 

The best thing about this universal remote is, it has smartkeys for many smart tv functions. These may involve keys for status, amazon, Netflix and search. Also you can customize your own keys. Similar to the coolux universal remote control, this will not let you consolidate various remotes or work with home tech. The main goal behind the design of this remote is to work as a replacement for the factory remote. 

Gvirtue Universal Lost Remote Control

Image Source: amazon

Most customer report that Gvirtue just worked with their TV device after unboxing. Like coolux you need to buy your own batteries, so we suggest you to have them before the remote arrives. 

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Final Words:

That’s all about searching a replacement remote for your Samsung TV. Hope you will find our article useful in finding the remote you are looking for your Samsung TV device. Let us know if you have any suggestions and feedback for us so we can provide you better content.

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