How to get Updated Roblox music codes

Roblox is an interactive and incredible game letting you travel to different worlds and participate in many activities. One of the many popular features in Roblox is able to listen to your favourite song and any music you want while you are playing the game. You can listen to any song you want, including the popular ones today or even the old classical music from decades ago. All it needs to have is a code in the Roblox database, and then you can access it easily. These codes are called as roblox music IDs and roblox song codes. Today you will learn how to find song id and use it.

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How To use Roblox music codes and roblox music ids In Roblox

How to enable music in Roblox and use roblox song id?

Step 1 : You need to own the boombox or have access to it. This can be done easily by entering a world where the Boombox item is available for free or purchase it permanently from the Items and Accessories store with Robux.

Step 2 : Now all you need to do is enter roblox music id into the boombox, these roblox song codes can play your song of choice and you only need to remember the roblox song id for it.

How to find the updated roblox music ids for your favourite songs?

Option 1 : You can make a quick google search by entering the song name you want to play followed by roblox song id. This will often give you the latest and updated roblox music ids for your favourite song.

Option 2 : You can search on youtube which will show you the roblox song codes inside the video. You may not get the latest and updated roblox music codes using this method, since the videos can be a bit old and outdated.

Option 3 : Go to roblox music website and enter the name of your favourite song. You will then get a roblox song id for it which you can copy or memorize. This website is known to update very frequently with the latest roblox song codes.

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How to use the Roblox music ids?

Step 1 : Go into your roblox game and open the boombox item by tapping on it if you are on Android or iOS using Roblox or click on it with your mouse if you are a PC user.

Step 2 : Enter the roblox song id of the favourite song you had search for earlier using either of the 3 methods given above and then listen to the song inside Roblox.

Note : Nearby Roblox players will be able to listen to your song and jam along with you. Have fun!

Final Words

Hope this tutorial was  able to guide you on how to play your favourite song on the game Roblox with your friends and other players. If you have any questions or issues, you can comment down below and you will get a response to help you in resolving the issue.

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