Top 7 Best D&D 5e Backgrounds

Here we are going to rise a question about d&d 5e backgrounds and the query is Statistically, What Is The Best 5e Background For An Optimized Gish Build? So, if you have the same query then get the various answers which our players and followers has been given their opinions about the 5e backgrounds from the below lines.
As we all know these d&d backgrounds add flavor, but what do you feel when a question arise in your mind like “What background if the best suited the gish build for any battle optimization… you think if there is one?” here we are going to give you the best 5e backgrounds and those will not allow to get these kinds of queries in your mind.

The Best 5e Backgrounds Of Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game?

Hermit 5e background is one of the best 5e backgrounds as per our knowledge, to make potions this background is giving the the herbalism kit too.

For optimization the most popular would be the soldier, because it gives the perception and also the athletics proficiency..etc

Apart from this we have got some other the best 5e backgrounds, so once look at them and get your favorite 5e background from the below list.

1. Soldier Background 5e
2. Gladiator Background 5e
3. Noble Background 5e
4. Entertainer Background 5e
5. Urchin Background 5e
6. Charlatan Background 5e
7. Criminal Background 5e

As we mentioned in the above list they are the best 5e backgrounds and you can get their best features too once you have them in your 5e backgrounds chart or sheet. So once use the above 5e backgrounds and get their benefits.

What Are The Features Above Backgrounds Has

We are going to mention some features of the above mentioned 5e backgrounds, so with their features you can assume is that background the best or not.

First of all we have to go with the “Soldier Background 5e”: This background has the “Military Rank” Feature from your career. So it is one of the best features in it and we have so many best features. We can get this background from “Players Handbook” from the 140th page.

The second is the “Gladiator Background 5e”: By its “Popular Demand” feature we can always find a place to fight or entertainment. It can be get in the “Players Hand Book” in the 130th page.

The Third is the “Noble Background 5e”: This has the ultimate feature in it which others don’t and the feature is “Position of Privilege”. So with this background we have right to be in the high society that means you can be where ever you are. It can be get in the “Players Hand Book” in the 135th page

The Fourth Is The “Entertainer Background 5e”: It has the feature like the gladiator background 5e has that means it has the feature by its “Popular Demand” and it is located in the “Players Hand Book” in the 130th page.

The Fifth is The “Urchin Background 5e”: It has the “City secrets” feature in it and you want to get this feature then you must have this background in your list, you better visit the “Players Handbook” in the 141st page

The Sixth Is The “Charlatan Background 5e”: It has the “False Identity” Feature and you can get this feature by getting this background in the “Players Hand Book” from the 128th page

The Final One Is The “Criminal Background 5e”: In this Criminal Background 5e we have the “Criminal Contact” feature and with this feature we have a reliable and trustworthy contact who will work as your liaison to the network of any other criminals.


If you have any queries about the best 5e backgrounds gish build and any other dungeons and dragons 5e backgrounds, then just leave a comment we will answer to that query. In this article we have mentioned all of our best 5e backgrounds.

If you have any of your best 5e backgrounds except the above mentioned backgrounds list then you can comment below with your favorite backgrounds list and it will help to the other players of this dnd role playing game.

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